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The following is a STEP BY STEP Demonstration of how to use our web site.

In this example we will be looking for BRAKE DRUMS for a 1969 CHEVROLET VAN.

SORRY, You can't run the system from this page but after this Demo, you'll have no problem finding what you need.

So... What Are We Waiting For?
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1) From our home page, CLICK on the Button.

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2) Open windows to display your type of car.

(Foreign and Domestic each have their own)

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3) CLICK on your car type

4) Go to Sub-System, Open and CLICK on you selection.

5) be sure to enter the YEAR

6) PLEASE let us know
how you found us.

7) Most Important!! Answer YES to "Legal mumbo-jumbo"

8) Click the READY Button... Your DONE!

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